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Vashon-Maury Island Animal Services

Regional Farm Animal Shelters

  • Center Valley Animal Rescue
    One of the best, well equipped animal rescue organizations in Washington State. It serves farm animals, domestic pets, exotics and wildlife. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, Quilcene, Washington.
  • House Rabbit Society
    Home of Rabbit Meadows, a great place to adopt rabbits.
  • Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary
    Located in Scio, Oregon, their tagline says it all: "Know Campassion/Know Peace".
  • New Moon Goat Rescue and Sanctuary
    Over the last 20 years, New Moon has taken in, rehabilitated and found homes for over 1,600 animals. It is now transitioning to more of an educational resource than a rescue operation. It still has a small number of goats available for adoption and will continue to care for its special-needs sanctuary herd. It will no longer host public events.
  • PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society)
    Specialists in wildlife rescue, rehab and release, as well as dog and cat adoption services. Located in Lynnwood, Washington.
  • Puget Sound Goat Rescue
    The premier goat rescue organization in Washington State is located in Maple Valley. Baby goats and adult goats are almost always available for adoption. Visiting is encouraged.
  • Sammamish Animal Sanctuary
    A Western Washington ranch setting provides a permanent home for farm animals in need. Visiting is encouraged.
  • Sara's Sanctuary
    Sara's is licensed for wildlife.
  • Sarvey Wildlife
    Specialists in wildlife rescue and care, Sarvey is located in Arlington, Washington.
  • Seattle Animal Shelter
    Opinions can differ, but BaaHaus has had many interactions with Seattle Amimal Shelter, all good.
  • Seattle Humane
    The Humane Society for Seattle/King County
  • Stillpointe Llama Sanctuary
    The premier llama rescue sanctuary in Western Washington

National and International Farm Animal Organizations

  • Best Friends Animal Society. While this Utah facility concentrates primarily on dogs and cats, it has been instrumental in the rescue and rehabilitation of many farm animals across the nation.
  • Compassion in World Farming
    This organization, based in the United Kingdom and the U.S. (Decator, Georgia) is all about action you can take to help relieve the suffering indured by farmed animals. DIWF also educates about vegetarianism.
  • FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement). FARM is THE place to learn about veganism, Meatout Mondays, and nationwide action campaigns. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, FARM concentrates on the links among animals, health, hunger and environment.
  • Farm Sanctuary. With two locations (New York and California) and a strong national presence, Farm Sanctuary is one of the largest national organizations to actively rescue and house farm animals, and to educate the public on the evils of factory farming and a meat-based diet. See the related Factory for reliable information on diet, legislation, educational resources, and rescue.
  • Farm Animal Sanctuary. Based in Warwickshire, England, this is an animal sanctuary with over 500 farm animals.
  • Free From Harm This organization is for the "Vegan and Closet Vegan in Us All." While its focus is on supporting veganism, it covers a wide range of related topics.
  • PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The most famous (and to some infamous) in-your-face animal rights activist group in the United States, PETA has become a powerful lobbying force for animal rights.