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Activist Groups

  • PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a strong advocate for vegetarianism and, better yet, veganism. PETA is also now the largest animal rights group in the world. Known for in-your-face activism, PETA gets both good and bad press. Needless to say, the residents of BaaHaus love PETA. Within the PETA website are several special links to other resources to help people understand what is involved in becoming a vegetarian. It is easier than you think: Vegetarian Starter Kit:
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Information, including the "Top Ten Reasons" to not eat typical meat "products," otherwise known as Chickens, Pigs, Salmon, Tuna and Cows." Much of the information about factory farming is very disturbing (and true).
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM): Founded in 1985, PCRM is composed of physicians and laypersons working to promote compassion and effective medical practices, ethical research standards and health promotion. Dr. Neal Barnard, PCRM President, has published a number of ground breaking books and articles on diet and the links between nutrition and a variety of illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other ills that plague modern society.
  • Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG): Emphasizing Health, Environment and Ethics, with excellent information on nutrition for families with children. Publishes the Vegetarian Journal (all nutritional information is based on scientific studies). Members of VRG get a year's subscription to the journal.

Blogs, etc.


  • "The world's largest collection of vegetarian recipes," plus newsletters, a neat search engine that lets you search for types of recipes (gluten-free, low-fat, etc.), and the opportunity to subscribe to a real printed-on-paper magazine.
  • At least a zillion recipes

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